This is an Open Forum week as we wrap up Education Month on A Visit to the Pastor’s Study. I usually invite another pastor to join me to answer questions you’ve either texted or emailed. And that’s what we’ll be doing today.

In a previous program, Pastor Drew Eenigenburg of the West Sayville Reformed Bible Church in West Sayville here on Long Island talked with us about his family’s experiences with foster parenting; and he gave a big encouragement for parents, singles, and churches to consider the great opportunity that foster parenting offers to show the love of God to needy and hurting children.

That program prompted a lot of interest in the topic – and lots of questions, too. So, we’re going to take most of the program just to field those questions – and to invite others from you. You can text your questions – on any topic – at (516) 367-0391. Put that under “Pastor Bill”.

Pastor Drew Eenigenburg, thanks for being with us again today on A Visit to the Pastor’s Study…

Here’s a link to the full program:

Yours in the care of our Father in Heaven,
Pastor Bill