As we wrap up “ministry month” on A Visit to the Pastor’s Study, I think it’s fitting that we continue thinking through what is probably the most challenging field for presenting the Christian faith: Our secular age.

In our last program, I introduced you to what I regard as one of the best books to help us get a handle on “our secular age”, and how to reach it with the Gospel. The book is Disruptive Witness, by Dr. Alan Noble. It’s sub-titled Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age– and we barely scratched the surface of that topic last week. For this program, I want Dr. Alan Noble to have more time to open up his carefully thought out assessment of our secular age; and I want us to have more time working out what it means to be “Disruptive Witnesses”. I hope you get the connection: In a distracted age, we need to be disruptive witnesses!

Dr. Alan Noble received his Ph.D. from Baylor University. He is an assistant professor of English at Oklahoma Baptist University. He’s also co-founder and editor-in-chief of Christ and Pop Culture. His writings have appeared in Christian publications such as Christianity TodayFirst Things, and Modern Reformation, and in secular outlets like The AtlanticBuzzfeed, and VOX. With good reason, his book Disruptive Witness was on the shortlist of the best Accessible Theology books that were published in 2018. We’ll hear from Dr. Noble in just a moment…

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Yours in the Perfect Disruptive Witness, Jesus Christ,

Pastor Bill