Our Purpose:
Promoting Reformed and Presbyterian Pastoral Ministry

For my remaining years of service as an Orthodox Presbyterian minister, I have been encouraged to build on my experience and to pursue my great burden.  Here it is:

1.  To bring experienced pastoral ministry to individuals and churches via radio and other contemporary media.  My commitment is to the “Reformed Faith” – but there are enough outlets promoting that.  My particular burden is to bring pastoral application of the Reformed faith to further the Kingdom of God.  This has been my passion for decades.  Now, through A Visit to the Pastor’s Study and the services of Redeemer Broadcasting Network I hope to develop that passion through daily and weekly programming to promote and develop Reformed faith and practice in individuals, families, and churches.

2.  To assist ministers and churches in making use of media to extend their pastoral ministries beyond those reached in their own local communities.  There are riches of Christian ministry in biblically faithful Reformed and Presbyterian churches.  A Visit to the Pastor’s Study is designed to bring these riches to you – and to many others. Remember: Everyone needs a pastor!

RMNY_logo3.  To draw attention to Reformed and Presbyterian churches and pastors in metropolitan New York.   As a ministry of Reformation Metro NY, Inc. http://www.reformationmetrony.org , A Visit to the Pastor’s Study will, among other things, give listeners insight into Christian pastoral and church ministries in and near the city that is, quite literally, a hub of the world.   To reach Metro New York is to reach the world!   A Visit to the Pastor’s Study will let you be part of that excitement!