In these weeks we’re thinking together about the basic disciplines of a healthy Christian life. Let me tell you a story to give a backdrop for the discipline we’ll be considering on today’s program.

Some years ago, I was on the beautiful island of Cyprus for a couple of weeks of ministry to a group of pastors from Egypt. It was a wonderful time to provide training; but it was also a time for them to learn more about Christianity in our nation, even as I learned so many fascinating things about
Christianity in their predominantly Muslim nation.

At one point in our afternoon conversation over delicious Egyptian coffee, one of the pastors asked me “How often do Christians your nation fast?” That was one of my rare times of being at a loss for words. Frankly, I hemmed and hawed as I answered that fasting practices vary among Christians and Christian churches in the United States. I should have been more honest, and simply said that fasting was not a common discipline among North American Christians.

The Egyptian pastor seemed both surprised at and disappointed with my answer. I’ll never forget his comment that followed. “In our country”, he said, “the challenges before our churches is so great that we have stated days of prayer and fasting twice per month.” I’ve reminded myself of that story many times, especially as I witness – even as you do – the increasing challenges to the Christian faith, to Christians, and to Christian churches in our own country.

Today I want to help you think through fasting – periodically abstaining from food and drink (other than water); and I want to challenge you to practice periodic fasting as a basic discipline of a healthy Christian life. I’m calling today’s program The Feast of Fasting. You’ll find out why in as the program progresses.

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Yours feasting on our hunger satisfying Savior,
Pastor Bill